TEA network

TEA network

The urban transport network (in Autun-Saint Pantaléon), since its creation in 1969, has constantly developed to adapt to your growing needs. PROXIMITY, CONVIVIALITY and PREVENTING ISOLATION are the values that uphold our transport policy.

TEA was set up on 1 September 2006. The main new features: more rapid connections between Autun and Saint-Pantaléon, development of transport on demand in the whole Autunois area.

The urban transport network

Line 1: Saint Pantaléon - Town centre - Chataigneraie - ESAT - ZA Bellevue. This line works Monday to Friday except on Bank Holidays.

Line 2: Gare - Hauts Quartiers - Couhard- Centre Ville - Châtaigneraie - Site Leclerc. This line works during the school period only, Monday to Friday except on Bank Holidays.

More information:

CC Autunois : 03 85 86 80 52

RSL office: 03 85 86 92 55

Transport on demand bookings: 0800 85 300: free call from a land line.

Communautés de Communes de l'Autunois

TEA network