Réseau Trema

Réseau Trema

The TrémA ('TRansport En MAconnais") network consists of 7 regular urban lines, 10 peri-urban lines and 3 on demand transport services connecting almost 300 points in the Mâcon urban district.

TrémA office: 03 85 21 98 78

9 rue Mathieu 71000 MACON

Times: http://www.trema-bus.fr/reseau-trema3.php

Prices: http://www.trema-bus.fr/tarifs.php

Network map: http://www.trema-bus.fr/reseau-trema.php

CarPostal Mâcon depot: 03 85 21 98 70

9026 rue Lavoisier 71000 MACON

Syndicat Intercommunal des Transports Urbain du Mâconnais Val de Saône

Réseau Trema

The SITUM (Syndicat Intercommunal des transports Urbains du Mâconnais Val de Saône) organises public transport within the scope of the CAMVAL (Communauté d’Agglomération du Mâconnais Val de Saône), Crèches sur Saône and Chaintré, i.e. 28 towns and villages in the Mâcon area

Its decision-making body consists of 28 elected representatives from these towns and villages who define the urban transport policy and supervise its implementation.

The SITUM network is delegated to a private company, CarPostal Mâcon.

Address : SITUM - 312 rue des Frères Lumière 71000 MACON