Intercom network

Intercom network

The transport network of the Communauté de communes du Sénonais connects Courtois-sur-Yonne, Gron, Maillot, Malay-le-Grand, Paron, Rosoy, Saint-Clément, Saint-Martin du Tertre and Sens.

"Intercom": this technical word describes a telecommunications tool.

It illustrates the spirit that the Communauté des communes du Sénonais wanted to give to its new bus network designed to connect people and places.

Since 1 January 2013, the system is more dynamic and attractive! In all, the "Intercom" urban transport network consists of 11 lines.

  •  10 lines link all villages and towns to Sens town centre:

1 SENS Centre Commercial Sud <=> PARON Mairie

2 SENS Garibaldi <=> MALAY-LE-GRAND Pasteur

3A/3B SENS Garibaldi <=> SAINT-CLEMENT Victor Hugo

4 SENS Porte de Bourgogne <=> SENS Georges Pompidou

5 SENS Zone Industrielle <=> SAINT-MARTIN-DU-TERTRE Louise Michel

6 SENS Garibaldi <=> GRON Les Epenards

7 SENS Garibaldi <=> COURTOIS-SUR-YONNE Les Bordes

8 SENS Garibaldi <=> MAILLOT/ROSOY Mairie

9 SENS Champs-Plaisants <=> GRON Les Epenards

10 SENS Porte de Bourgogne <=> SAINT-CLEMENT Victor Hugo

  •  5  special "bus + train" lines run to and from Sens SNCF station every 20 minutes or less:

A Sens SNCF station <=> Saint-Clément Victor Hugo

B Sens SNCF station <=> MaillotóMalay-le-Grand Glycines

C Sens SNCF station <=> Rosoy Mairie

D Sens SNCF station <=> Gron Les Epenards

E Sens SNCF station <=> Saint-Martin-du-Tertre <=> Courtois-sur-Yonne Les Bordes


  • and, finally, a specific "ZI plus" service connects the industrial zone of Les Vauguillettes in partnership with local companies:

One single number0 800 072 113 (free from a land line) is there to book a time for transport on demand services or the specific "ZI Plus" link.

At the same time, the Communauté des communes du Sénonais continues to develop its urban transport network. The construction of a second platform at the "Garibaldi" coach station, accessibility of certain stops for people with reduced mobility and audio equipment in the bus make access to urban transport easier for all.

Bus Intercom store: 11 bd des Garibaldi 89100 SENS

  • 03 86 64 17 00

Communauté de Commune du Sénonais

Intercom network

Communauté de communes du Sénonais : 21 bd du 14 juillet 89100 SENS