There are a thousand and one reasons to come to Burgundy and Mobigo strives to make it easy for local or distant tourists who wish to visit without necessarily having to use their car. Its calculator takes into account all transport modes available in the region - public transport, cycling, walking or even tourist shuttles and transport on demand - to offer all green possibilities. 


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Most major sites of Burgundy, found in the "Must-not-miss sites" section are accessible by public transport.


However some are not. That is why a description of Burgundy shuttle services - 15 to 30-seat vehicles able to transport cycles and running in summer to complete existing regular transport possibilities - is available in the "Burgundy without a car" section.


With the cycling Tour of Burgundy, the region offers more than 800 km of Véloroutes and Voie Vertes, a real paradise for cyclists, completed by a circuit dedicated to mountain bikes, the "Grande Traversée du Morvan". All information linked to practical cycle tourism is found in the "Cycle ride" section.


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Finally, walkers are not forgotten with marked out rambling trails starting from Burgundy's stations, which may be consulted in the "Train+hiking" section.